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St Malo In The Sun

St-Malo-BeachLate June and the sun is shining over Chateau des Ormes in Northern Brittany. With a couple of reps sharing a day off a road trip to St Malo is agreed.

A Shopper’s delight

The old city of St Malo is encapsulated within tall stone walls. As soon as you pass through the designated archway entrances the site of traditional French restaurants and small boutique shops greet your eyes. A small walk into the town and you find larger shops containing great value French shoes and fashion.

A spot of lunch

After entering a few shops we couldn’t resist the temptation and found ourselves sat in a small French restaurant waiting for our local food to be cooked. Lunch choices included the traditionally French “moules et frites”, mussles in a white wine sauce and chips, and galettes, the famous Brittany delicacy which could be described as a savoury crepe often served with cheese, ham and egg. As expected the food was exceptional with nothing left on plates.

There’s a beach too

After eating we took a short walk to the beach. Our route took us to a path way overlooking the beach from a height. After slight confusion of how to actually get to the beach we arrived on the warm soft sand and relaxed in the sun.

Although I wasn’t so keen on taking a dip into the Channel the other reps were much braver and walked out along a wooden walk way which encloses part of the sea and dived in. At the end of the walk way there is a large set of steps in which you can see children and adults alike jumping into the sea.

Much more than a drive through

The beautiful old town of St Malo is highly recommended by the reps and is suitable for the whole family. Often customers staying at Chateau des Ormes see the town as the beginning and end of their holiday as arrive and depart at the ferry terminal however be sure to take a day off site and take a trip to the beautiful cobbled streets of St Malo.

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