Charlie Jennings-sewell

Summer Games Sand Castle Competition: Making the Impossible, Possible.

Al Fresco kids club reps

When you think back to building sandcastles, do you remember a crumbling single tower with a lolly pop stick stuck in the top?  Or do you picture a racing car complete with gear stick and shell head lights, finished off with a dash board and a seat big enough for you to climb in to?

At Al Fresco Les Méditerranées campsite, our Summer Games sand castle competition is one with a twist.  All you need is a bucket and spade and your imagination.

For the teams who turned up for the first ever Al Fresco Sand Castle competition it was not exactly what they expected…

Despite the priceless look on the teams faces when they were challenged to build a race car from sand in less than ten minutes, it was only a matter of seconds before both teams are digging wildly.  Dads bark orders at their wives as they strive to win.  They may have been sceptical at first, but as they build you can see the creativity flashing in their eyes.

Both teams laugh and discuss their plans in whispers which soon erupt into excited shouts as the time passes by.  The kid’s reps, slightly daunted by the impressive car the other team are creating in front of them, up their game.  Imaginations continue to develop ideas born from nowhere; leg holders for people with extra-long legs, hedgehog cars and so much more.

As the teams look proudly over their accomplishments, they believe they have truly conquered the Al Fresco sandcastle competition.  However, as they are soon to discover, they have only just scratched the surface.

The next challenge is presented to them “Build your own family”.  The sons gasp and giggle as their dad pulls them in for a group brief.  Soon the young lads are lying on their backs in the sand as their parents hollow out around them.  Meanwhile, the reps are going for a different angle, creating their ‘Rep family’.  Mounds of sand with drawn on faces are protruding from the beach, with shells for eyes and twigs for hair.  The other team laugh wildly as they recognise the reps who have been looking after them throughout their stay.

Finally it is the hardest task, saved purposely for last, subject: Theme Park.  By now everyone knows, anything goes. Log flumes, tea cup rides, towering roller coasters hastily grow out of the sand.  It’s the kids now who order round their parents, they need shells and water and they need it quickly.  Their fast thinking and broad imagination pays off, they are crowned winners of the sand castle competition.

As we walk away, we watch the kids playing with their creations.  We know that although the tide may wash away their sandcastles by tomorrow, their memories will stay with them, well after they return home.

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