Charlie Jennings-sewell

Les Méditerranées Summer Games Football Tournament is ‘Game On’

Forget the likes of Steven Gerard and John Terry, Al Fresco Summer Games is where the newest Football talent is to be found.

Boys as young as 7 score goals past their dads, whilst teenagers from different countries tackle one another like the pros and Reps show off their hidden skills to the amazement of their colleagues.

This season Al Fresco Summer Games at Les Méditerranées is holding theirown football tournament, where anyone can don a bib and get involved.

The first game of the season sees 4 teams playing 7 minutes of Football in front of a crowd of eager spectators.  Pulses rise as the time on the stopwatch races by, no one wanting to waste a single second.  Reps score goals against other Reps. Parents cheer on their own children from the side line, with a proud glint in their eyes.  Two young brothers hold their own against kids twice their size and friends heckle one another with nicknames only the most avid football supporters would understand.

As the time ticks on, tensions are raised as team Red scores goal after goal.  Soon it comes down to the final between the Reds and Blues. There is silence over the pitch, broken only by the odd shout of encouragement from the crowd.  As both teams score it looks as if the tournament is going to finish in a penalty shoot out. However with barely 1 minute to go, team Red scores, creating a roar of support from the gathered crowd.

After over an hour of football, the teams shake hands, congratulate one another and despite wounded knees and sweaty faces, all agree on a rematch, same time tomorrow.

You don’t have to be an amazing sportsman to join the Al Fresco football tournament, there are no rules on age, gender or experience. The only requirement is that you are there to have fun.  How can you say no to that?

First Match winners: Red Team comprising of the Williams family (Beach Garden) and Peter Shaw (Beach Club Senior Rep)

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