Kids! Come and join the fun at the Al Fresco kidz club

Bursting with excitement Rebecca and I, rushed to the Al Fresco kids club tent on our grand opening at ‘La Baume’ campsite in the Cote D’azur. As we approached it we spotted lots of excited faces amongst all the hustle and bustle,  the first of many to enter into the magical world of the Al Fresco kids club tent.

The children’s adventure started as soon as all the ‘grown ups’ had disappeared and we began searching the whole forest for make believe witches and wizards.

Chanting ‘hubble, bubble, toil and trubble’ the children hurried around searching for any items that could go in their ‘magic potion’.  Some found frogs legs (twigs) whilst others found bats wings (leaves) and pretend cats eyes!

After exhausting all areas of the forest the children began scampering back to the magical world of the tent, where they pulled out the cauldron and one by one began slowly stirring the bubbling potion around.

Our first kids club session on ‘La Baume’ was coming to an end and was a brilliant success. Whilst the children were happily chattering amongst themselves waiting for their parents to sign them out, Rebecca and I let out a big sigh of satisfaction…we did it!

If your children want a holiday to remember then book now for the Cote D’azur and feel free to relax in the knowledge that your children are having a blast in the magical world of Al Fresco Kidz club!

I’d also like to hear from you if you have any wild and wacky ideas your children would like to do whilst at our Kidz club.

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