Five Things To Do In Austria (That Don't Involve Vienna)

OTHER than a quick peek over the border into Germany or a Viennese Whirl what else does Austria have to offer the discerning holidaymaker?

Well, lots, as it happens.

You could head to Vienna. But then, everybody does that, right? You want something unique, something different, something unusual. Something to set you apart from the Great Unwashed?

How about Styria? Sounds like a medicine for a bad back or a forgotten Middle Eastern enclave doesn’t it?

It’s not. It’s actually one of the most beautiful and historic provinces in the whole of Austria, situated in the heart of the country and enclosed by stunning alpine pastures and mountain ranges.

It’ll have you reaching for your Flugelhorn and singing ‘The Sound of Music’ at the top of your voice, it really will.

Lucky for you then, that Al Fresco Holidays has a parc right in the social and geographical middle of this breath-taking landscape.

Al Fresco parc, Bella Austria, is within easy reach of the ancient market town of Murau, famous for its coffee, pastries and cakes (that’s the sound of your diet promise flying out of the window).

So here are five things to do when in Styria:

Go to Murau – A hidden treasure in the Mur Valley, Murau has a 13th century castle, a Gothic church and the Leonhard Temple. The European Shakespeare Days festival is held here every July, with performances in English. It’s a sightseeing daydream.

Visit Klagenfurt – Historic Klagenfurt (hard to pronounce without laughing) is set on the beautiful banks of Lake Worthersee. It’s great for guided walking tours too – which are offered free of charge by those lovely people at the Klagenfurt Department of Tourism.

Go See Sölkpass – The Solkpass-chapel set in some of Austria’s most beautiful landscape is well worth a visit for those in search of historic eye-candy. Great day out.

Get out to Günstner Waterfalls – Walk near to the thunderous waterfall and enjoy this awe-inspiring spectacle of nature at it’s noisy best. It is quite incredible to behold, like a liquid version of a Motorhead gig.

Take a Ride on The Murtal Railway – The Murtal Railway might sound more like the latest cool Britpop Indie band but it is, in actual fact, Austria’s most celebrated picture-postcard train ride. We defy you to take in a more mind-blowing scenic railway trip anywhere in Europe. If your jaw’s not on the floor then you’re simply not human. Open from mid June -mid Sept.

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