The City Of Lights Doesn't Have To Cost The Earth

The Eiffel Tower in ParisIF YOU’VE ever been to Paris you’ll not be needing me to provide a detailed explanation of why it is renowned across the globe as the most romantic place on earth.

If you’ve ever wandered the beautiful cobbled streets of Montmartre as the sun goes down behind the spire of Sacre Coeur and the musicians strike up their acoustic guitars on the steps of its incredible church, you’ll know how easy it is to fall hopelessly in love with both the city and whoever is accompanying you.

Paris truly is a city that changes lives and perceptions.

If you’ve got children with you the chances are that much of this romance, this breathless daydream of a French capital, may have passed you by.

You’ll be too busy whizzing around the 20 arrondissements from one tourist attraction to another – one minute the Eiffel Tower, the next The Louvre, then over to the Left Bank for lunch.

If your children are lucky or well-behaved enough – you’ll be pulling into Disneyland Paris at some point on the agenda too.

Save the romance for when it’s just the two of you and the grandparents can take the kids off your hands or a long weekend.

In the meantime – let the kids have their moment in this city of history, fun and frivolity. No-one does frivolous quite like the Parisians. They are artisans at frivolity. If you could box it, Paris would sell it by the container load.

What’s stopped you visiting Paris with the kids before?

The price, right?

There really is no need for it to be overly expensive. You can eat well at set-menu prices right across the city, kids are welcome pretty much everywhere and, as far as Disneyland Paris is concerned, Al Fresco Holidays now has a solution to the real big cost of your trip – accommodation.

Don’t pay over-the-top Parisian hotel prices because it is that single fee which is most likely to hike the price of your Paris trip from affordable to ‘maybe next year’.

Al Fresco now has a base at Paris Est – and it is better value than pretty much all the city centre Parisian hotels by some considerable distance. Self catering mobile homes mean you can cook exactly what you want, let the kids run round in the evening before going to bed, while you take advantage of the peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle by dipping into a delicious glass of red.

Paris Est is all about location – just 20 minutes from the very heart of Paris and the fairytale kingdom of Disneyland® Paris by public transport but also just a stroll to characteristic open-air ‘Guingette’ restaurants and the pleasant green spaces of the Parc du Tremblay for some relaxing parklife.

Paris Perfect, you could say.

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