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Summer Games 2012 - prepare to play!

Preparations for the Al Fresco Summer Games - Our new activity rep at Chateau des Ormes campsite shares her story:

Before I knew it summer had started.  I met up with all the other Al Fresco reps on the campsite Château des Ormes in Dol-de-Bretagne last month to get things ready for the holiday season. The green scenery on the site beat all pictures in the brochures and made me even more excited about launching the Al Fresco Summer Games.

Our first training afternoon included trialing equipment ready for the Summer Games. We entered the store to be greeted with tables and surfaces covered with new toys and equpiment. It was like Christmas had come already!

We tried and tested around 20 new games including games incorporating physical activity, tactics and luck ensuring there was something for everyone.

One game I particularly enjoyed and can’t wait to deliver involved rubber ducks and a water gun. To find out more you will have to attend and find out! On that note are you counting down the days till the Olympic games?

If you are not quite Usain Bolt but fancy yourself and your family as “alternative athletes” then our summer games are for you. If you’re ready for competition and fancy a good time too, then book yourselves in at Château des Ormes Or try one of our other campsites offering Al Fresco Summer Games.

You don’t want to miss out on a thrilling summer of sun and games in weather London cannot guarantee!

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