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Pear, walnut and watercress salad

A delicious combination of healthy ingredients that work brilliantly together as the sweetness of the pear compliments the pepperiness of the watercress. It's a great dish to serve outdoors because although the pear and walnuts are cooked, they do not need to be served hot, the flavours actually benefit from cooling down.


2 tblsp walnut oil
2 tbsp cider vinegar
75g walnuts, roughly chopped
3 ripe pears
150g watercress
slices of cold meat


Step 1

Mix walnut oil and cider vinegar together in a small bowl. Ensure watercress is thoroughly washed.

Step 2

Dry cook walnuts in a small pan on the bbq, tossing occasionally until they smell toasted, then transfer to a bowl to prevent further cooking.

Step 3

Core the pears and cut into wedges, brush with a little oil mixture and cook on bbq for 2 minutes each side or until golden.

Step 4

Place watercress and cold meats on plate, top with cooked pear wedges and toasted walnuts, drizzle over the rest of the oil and vinegar and serve with slices of cold meat. I love a bowl of strawberries and cherries as an easy 'dip-in' dessert to share.

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