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Colourful Cous Cous

A colourful zesty Cous Cous that perfect for al fresco picnics.


500g of plain Cous Cous (Or a packet of pre-flavoured lemon and mint Cous Cous)

1 400g can of Chick Peas in water

a generous handful of frozen peas

1 small can of sweetcorn

10 cherry tomatoes

Fresh mint

Juice of a lemon


Step 1

Soak the Cous Cous in boiling water (as per packet instructions)

Step 2

Heat the frozen peas until hot, then the canned Chick Peeas and the same with the sweetcorn.

Step 3

Cut the Cherry Tomatoes into quarters.

Step 4

Gently add the tomatoes, sweetcorn, Chick Peas and peas to the Cous Cous (once the water has been absorbed)

Step 5

Add the fresh/dried mint and the juice of the lemon and mix together(If not using a pre-flavoured Cous Cous)

Step 6

Add the mint/coriander garnish and serve.

Step 7

Goes great with a fresh leafy salad. Why not continue the lemon theme by serving with some fresh lemonade and a Lemon Meringue Pie for desert - perfect!

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