Fran S

Are You Ready For The Summer Games TwentyTwelve??

Summer games egg sppon race
Traditional summer games -  egg and spoon race

After a long journey from Venice to Dol De Bretagne I joined the rest of the activity team for our Summer Games training, and this is when the fun really began!

We woke up to a sunny day in Dol De Bretagne and for us, the new activity team, Christmas had come early. All the amazing toys, games and equipment were all in one mobile home ready to be tried and tested.

We have sacks for sack races for the Summer fete sessions, water pistols, space hoppers, footballs, eggs and spoons, for all the traditional summer games.  For the less active members of the family we have quizzes and jumbo cards perfect for a game of ’Play Your Cards Right’.

Looks like it will be a great summer! Who needs the Olympic games when we’ve got our own here on parc? Hope to see you all here! :-)

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