More egg-tastic tips and clues

How’s the egg hunt coming along?

I am back again with some helpful hints to get you on your way to find some more of my Easter eggs.

My first egg is hidden on a page where you’d go if you were new to the Al Fresco way of life and wanted to find out how things are done. Here you can learn about parc life, locations plus find a cracking egg for your collection.

When I am not enjoying my hutch or living in my warren then Al Fresco mobiles are the place for me. Do you know we have a range of different ones available? Take a look and as well as learning about our comfort and quality, you’ll find a couple of eggs.

I am on the hop again now, to my favourite region in Italy – can you guess where it is? In this region you can take in the sights of Florence and the medieval city of Siena. Guessed where it is? Check out the page and that’s where my last egg is hidden.

Keep hunting, final lot of clues coming tomorrow.

p.s – To enter, remember to comment on our original blog the number of eggs you find:

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