Emma T

Welcome to the great Al Fresco Easter egg hunt

Greetings, Easter Bunny here!

So, you’re looking for some of my special Easter eggs hidden on the website to be in with a chance of winning your family a fab summer holiday?

Well, here’s my first set of clues and the picture with this blog post shows the egg you need to look for…

If you’ve never been on an Al Fresco holiday before you might need to have a look at one of the fab videos to get an introduction to the experience… Luckily for you there’s also an egg hidden on that page…

If the video has tempted you to book, then why not have a look at two of the new parcs for this Summer… They’re both in the same country, where frog legs and snails are delicacies, rather you than me, as they don’t go down well with rabbits.

Final clue is to search on both the parc pages and the area where the parc is located… Could find more than you bargained for as well as some great ideas for where to go if you win!

Happy egg hunting

p.s – To enter, remember to comment on our original blog the number of eggs you find: http://bit.ly/HeoOYN

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