Escape The Cold Wet Summer

IT’S not even April and the summer sun is here already.

But don’t get your hopes up for a sun-soaked UK though – the weathermen say, despite the current drought, it’s going to be a damp squib of a summer.

Great, eh?

So, as you’re dashing out to buy new sun-lotion, deck shoes, summer vests and shorts you may as well start planning for a holiday abroad this year if you want some proper guaranteed sunshine.

You certainly won’t be getting a tan in Old Blighty, if the weathermen are right.

I was mid-way through planning a mid-summer, umbrella-less jaunt through several of my Mancunian childhood hotspots when I heard the news that the UK would be a wash-out this summer.

Not only that, but these same weathermen say that we may even get snow before Spring turns to summer. Snow. That’s just plain wrong.

OK, so swiftly on to Plan B, I guess.

I can buy a guaranteed umbrella-less break in sunny Spain, France or Italy.

If you book early, there are plenty of deals to be had, so great value holidays with guaranteed sunshine? It’d be rude not to.

Downside? Just the one – no sledging in late Spring.

Go on – you know it makes sense.

Check out for the latest, greatest deals.

I’ll see you on the beach.


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