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Sarah Copeland – Pushing Mum In Paris - Al Fresco Holidays

Because my mum uses a wheelchair, our family usually go on holiday close to home, but last Spring we were lucky enough to spend a week in Paris!!

I was so excited, and even Daniel, my teenage brother could not wait.

We spent the first 3 days in Disneyland Paris. It was the most brilliant time of my life! Our Disney hotel was in a mini cowboy town called Cheyenne. My dad bought a cowboy hat and wore it for the whole holiday.

Disneyland is amazing – one wonderful thing after another. Daniel and I went on all the rides, even the scary ones. The staff were all really nice to mum, helping her onto rides. Her favourite was Space Mountain – the wildest ride of all. It was poor dad who was nearly sick!

I had imagined that meeting the Disney characters was just for wee kids, but when Mickey Mouse put his arm round me I nearly popped! The characters are extra nice to disabled visitors, and mum was chuffed to get a hug from Goofy.

I felt sad when we left Disneyland, but Paris was great. We stayed in a small hotel near the centre, but pushing mum’s wheelchair was tricky for dad. Lots of the streets are old and there are so many people. Daniel and I took turns, but I kept bumping into things – sorry mum!

I practised my French by asking where the toilets were. Sometimes I didn’t even need. I loved visiting the Eiffel Tower, and sitting outside at little cafes eating cakes (yum!)

It was a fantastic holiday. My favourite part? – going on the rides with mum. She often has to sit out and watch us, but this time we all had fun together!

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