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As part of our recent Mummy Blogger competition they won the chance to be featured on our blog.

Here’s the third runner up for you to read:

Our Favourite Camping Holiday

We have taken the kids camping a few times over the years and the best trip was when we took them to Jersey on the channel Islands back in 2001.We had four kids with us aged 11, 10, 6 and nearly a year old.
Our reason for picking Jersey was because back in 1981 Mum took me and three of my Brothers there following her divorce from our Dad. It was very brave of her to take four kids away camping on her own like that and as you can read here. We had a fantastic holiday, In fact so fantastic that Papa and I took our four kids back to stay at the same campsite, Rose Farm twenty years later in 2001.
 (Me and my Brothers – Jersey 1981)
We packed our bags and headed for Weymouth where we were booked into our B&B for the night. Our ferry was at 4am and as we were not driving we stayed in accommodation that was within walking distance of the port. It was quite hard going getting four kids up and ready to catch a ferry that early in the morning but we did it (just about) and was glad that we had stayed somewhere so close. I made sure they all had their travel sickness tablets the previous night, which ended up working a treat for them all.
The kids loved the ferry and as we approached Jersey we were treated to a display from three dolphins as they swam and jumped along side the ferry. It was as though they were welcoming us to the Channel Islands. A really amazing experience, a definite ‘wow’ moment.
We were greeted at the ferry port by our travel company and driven to the campsite. After booking in we headed to our pre-assembled house tent. Of course the kids were so excited (What is it with kids and tents…they love them?) as they picked their beds I opened the wine and Papa cooked a meal. That first night we were all exhausted and just fell into our beds.
(Jersey 2001)
We managed pretty well with four kids in a tent, we just had to be as organised as we could. The tents were really well equipped and the campsite had a great restaurant if we didn’t fancy cooking. In fact we found everywhere we ate out in jersey was really reasonably priced.
Jersey is a beautiful Island with many unspoiled, clean beaches and a very obvious French influence. We loved it and had a fabulous fortnight, even without a car we saw quite a lot of the Island and cherish our memories from that camping trip.
(Jersey 2001)


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