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As part of our recent Mummy Blogger competition they won the chance to be featured on our blog.

Here’s the first runner up for you to read:

Brittany Merry

Not sure that’s the best way to travel Sam!

So – you’re used to grown-up holidays with lie-ins, lazy reading by the pool and balmy evenings sampling local food & drink.  Then along comes parenthood and with it the realisation that your holidays will never be the same again… so what do you do??

Our answer is “embrace it”!  All too soon we’ll be having those couples holidays again when the kids have grown up.  Now’s the time to have some fun and create some amazing family memories.

And so in Sept 2009 we find ourselves venturing abroad to southern Brittany with our 2 year old, Sam, for the first time.  We travel on the overnight ferry to St Malo; when we board Sam spreads his arms wide, says “normous big boat” and grins.  We’ve booked an ensuite cabin and are surprised at how comfy, clean and efficient the whole experience is – our amazement escalates as Sam goes straight to sleep and doesn’t wake up until we dock next morning.  A perfect start!

Is that a crab?
The stunning Quiberon coastline

Our accommodation is close to Auray and brilliantly located for the beautiful southern coastline.  There’s an enormous play barn stuffed with toys, climbing frame and ball pit; perfect backup entertainment, phew!

We spend a busy first week exploring and a leisurely second week soaking up the sun!  Our highlights are:-

Men Du beach – a well-kept local secret, this beach is deserted & stunning.  We teach Sam to fly a kite and he races along the sand squealing with delight.  We also build him a ‘sand car’ – he sits still in it for a whole ten minutes!

Quiberon Peninsula – a fantastic wild coastline full of rock pools and hidden little beaches – bliss!

The classic Bretagne town of Josselin – full of winding streets and beautiful old buildings.  The view down the river is breathtaking and the ice cream shops unbeatable!

Josselin’s fairytale castle
Josselin’s streets decorated for a festival
I think I can manage it…

Petit D’Lire – a children’s bouncy castle park where we instantly revert to childhood and go mad for a couple of hours, we even manage to keep up with Sam :)

And challenges we encounter?  Only two, both highly amusing.  Sam works out for the first time that he can get out of bed and wander around at will,  oh dear…. and we have a visit from a truly enormous spider in our bedroom, I bravely remove it while my husband cowers under the duvet!

At the end of our fortnight we say goodbye, certain that we’ll visit Brittany again.  We loved the landscape, the people and the climate and came home relaxed, happy and with some wonderful family memories, just as planned.  Next time we go we’ll have 2 kids in tow – a fresh challenge!

My top tip for holidaying with young children?  Be prepared to go with the flow rather than stick to an agenda, you’ll all have a much more relaxing time.  Oh and take a packet of wipes with you everywhere!

This post is written for entry into the Tots100/Al Fresco Holidays competition.  For more info. on Thomson Al Fresco holidays visit

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