My Holiday to Wales - by Bethan Hurford aged 11

And here it is, the final entry to our Young Travel Writer competition! Well done to everyone who entered. Our judges will now start the judging process!

There were three more months until we go on holiday and I was searching the internet for where to go. I found a beautiful caravan site in Wales. I really wanted to go. I was wishing the clock would go faster. Come on clock I shouted AS THERE WAS ONE MORE DAY TO WAIT.

We set off in the car at 7:00am on the 21st of august 2011. We travelled past the most amazing  places. As Wales was just round the corner we started to see the first site of sharp mountains tossed   upon the fields and the sights of busy people coming and going. I thought about what a brilliant time I would have.

12:00pm we finally arrived! Our caravan was lovely and the sights were amazing. Up the road a bowling alley, a pool and even a game room! The beach was calm and not many people were there so my mum and I had the whole beach to ourselves! The shops were full of candy and toys which is a Childs dream.

RUSH! I could hear the waves of an angry sea crashing agents the rocks. The next day we went to a dinosaur park! It was great. The dinosaurs were amazing. I stayed for lunch and I was sad as I had to go home the next day. On our way back from the park it was getting dark and the lights of Wales shone brightly in our path.

20:00pm : We went to have a delicious meal in a restaurant. The night went fast and it was time to go  home L.  My holiday was fabulous. It was the best holiday I have ever been on in my life. I hope the next holiday will be just as good!


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