My Holiday to Hong Kong - by Kavita Kanani aged 11

Here’s the penultimate entry for our competition. Thanks to everyone who entered, we really had some strong contenders.

I counted the days down excitedly, and before I knew it, we were there. We came to Hong Kong for a reason; our first cousins had moved there due to our uncles’ work.

After our long 13 hour flight, we drove up the steep, sturdy hill, nearly upside-down, when we at last saw a spectacular looking block of apartments, decorated with bright tinsel, and a gleaming Christmas tree, presents stacked underneath. A man opened the door of the taxi, helping us out, but my brother, Xavier, and me, ran inside, calling for the lift. The lift doors opened… and out came our cousins! We ran towards them, hugging them and exclaiming in joy. It felt amazing to see them again.

One day, we visited the big Buddha. We had to take a cable car to get to it, which was the most stunning experience. We could see the lovely greenery, and the gorgeous blue sea, rippling with waves. When we got to the other side, we started the long, exhilarating walk, seeing things we had not seen before.

At the top, our minds were lost in thoughts, our ‘ inner peace’ taking us away, in the breezy wind. I was so surprised how calm I was, that I could almost fall asleep. I never wanted to walk away.
Throughout the holiday, we visited many restaurants, where there were fabulous varieties of foods such as ‘Dim Sums’ and noodles. I loved to try them all, letting the flavours tantalise in my mouth.

We also visited two fascinating beaches; Shek O and Stanley. It was lovely to just relax under the warm sun, and splash in the waves. I couldn’t believe it was December.
We also had many other fun adventures in Hong Kong; I really didn’t want to go home.


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