My trip to Australia - by Saul Ellis-Robertson aged 11

Here’s another entry to our Young Travel Writer competition. Tomorrow we will upload the last entries! Just a few hours to get yours in.

Hello, my name is Saul Ellis-Robertson.  I am 11 years old and this is my story of my holiday to Australia.

Australia is probably the most exotic wondrous and toasting places that I have ever been to with the best weather in the world, it is my Heaven!  NOW, I love animals and if you love animals too, Australia is an animal haven – the more dangerous the better. We went to Tasmania to visit my Aunty and at the animal enclosure I saw koalas, fairy penguins but my favourite was the wombat.  He climbed up a tree, onto a fence and sat on the bench in front of us.  We sat close stroking his rough fur.  He enjoyed the attention of me and mum.  On Christmas Day, I went to Green’s Beach in the north, where I swam in the warmest sea I’ve ever been in even though it was near to the Antarctic!! The white beaches fitted perfectly to form a dream beach with the ocean blue sky stretching on for ever.  And there was hardly anyone on it!!  However,  the beach’s beauty was a disguise.  Whilst I was swimming in the sparkling ocean I noticed two rocks side by side.  My adventurous side took over and before I knew it I swam toward the looming rocks.  Innocently, I climbed onto the lower rock oblivious to danger and grabbed the taller rock.  I tried to climb but the slippiness wouldn’t let me and I fell between the rocks, cutting my body on the limpets growing on the surface in the process.  The water was above my head and I was stuck fast!  God was on my side because a teenager saw me and pulled me out.  I will never forget that day, or place!


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