My Holiday To Corsica - by Ellen Taylor aged 12

Here is the last entry for the week. Only a few days to go! Keep the entries coming.

For my holiday I went to Corsica with my Mum, Dad and little brother Adam. The holiday started with a fantastic view of the Alps as we flew over France, they looked like giant snow-covered skyscrapers towering over the green valleys below.

We stayed in a massive campsite with loads of mobile homes. Fortunately, ours was right next to the mini animal zoo so we could look at the animals whenever we liked. Adam and I named two of the pigs Percy and Polly, the goat Grace and the ostriches Oli and Olivia. My favourite animals were the wallabies, the lama and the warthogs. We made friends with the French girl who was staying next to us, her name was Montana and she was 7.

Our first meal was also the worst meal; it was a proper French meal. The starter was little tasters like snails and horrible cheeses. The main course was very rare veal, so rare that I couldn’t eat it. The only good bit about it was the pudding; the peaches I had were the sweetest ones I’d ever tasted, and even better they were served with homemade vanilla ice cream.

The beach was the most the most beautiful one I’d ever seen. It had immaculate white sand, but I was most stunned by was the sea. It was a shimmering turquoise colour, sparkling in the sunlight. I’d never seen it look so pretty.

I saw some animals that I had never seen in the wild before. They were dung beetles and lots of lizards. There must have been about thirty or forty of them. My favourite was definitely the dung beetles though. One of the beetles would push the dung and the other one would walk behind encouraging it.

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