Experiencing Chicago - by Liberty Price aged 9

Here is our next entry for the Young Travel Writer competition. Not long left to get those entries in.

Travelling to Chicago with my family was my first time on an aircraft and so much more fun than I had ever imagined, although I was initially uneasy at the thought of spending a night in un-familiar territory. There were screens at the back of the seats showing unlimited films and access to games, however my eyes did droop before the journey’s end. Throughout the flight, the stewardesses were so friendly and kind making sure I was comfortable. When we were descending, I was offered a flight sweet, to sooth my aching ears. Then we reached our destination.

So spacious! I thought as I wandered into where I was to stay for the next duration with anticipation and excitement at boiling point. Amble being the operative word as I was to discover, everything about Chicago seemed on a bigger scale including food portions!

Chicago was a very energetic cultural place, and animal friendly which suited my uncle who we stayed with as he had a golden retriever and on our regular  walks, I saw very well maintained parks and plenty of creative sculptures resembling an outdoor art gallery.

Our boat trip was also an unforgettable highlight where the guide outlined the fascinating history of how in 1871, Chicago suffered a great fire which demanded a rebuild from skilled architects of the time. Although, I couldn’t forget the shiny bean, a huge bean-shaped sculpture that showed me and everyone else around in funny reflections! Walks on the man-made beach were very enjoyable with Daisy my uncle’s dog.

Our trip was only too short as we trooped back to the airport. But, there was the flight home and we were left with a myriad of marvellous memories!

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