My holiday to Turkey - Matthew Marron aged 8

This is our next entry for the Young Travel Writers competition. Have you been on holiday recently? Why not write about your travels and you might win a holiday!

I’m going to tell you about our holiday to Turkey. It took 4 hours for our flight to Dalaman and when we got there it was dark, so we went to our room. My room was cool, it had a bunkbed for my sister and me and a Playstation 2!

The next day we were really busy and we signed up for a kids club. We did activities I had never tried before and even climbed up a pretend mountain! Then we went to the pool. It was really fun, there were lots of slides that I went on 1000 times. PS not actually 1000!

My favourite was a yellow one that went around and around and around. There was a really scary one that I was just tall enough to go on and it was 50 feet tall – I’m serious! Later on Mum went to look at shops – boring!!!!

Next day we we went to the beach. We went on a banana boat, one man fell off and I laughed so much! In the afternoon we went to the village and had lunch, I had squid and it was squidgy!

One night I went to a kids party and there were shows on the stage and candyfloss, it was probably the best party ever!



On the last day of my holiday we went to the pool and at the kids club there was a thing called sweetie bingo, I won loads of sweets! Next morning we went to the airport. I didn’t want to go home but I had to. I loved that holiday, I wish I could go again.


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