Never A Dull Moment - by Maddy Walsh aged 11

Here is our next entry to the Young Travel Writer competition. Have you submitted your entry yet?

I was really excited to go to the Domincan Republic last year. We went for two weeks all inclusive so I had access to unlimited drinks and ice cream, Mum says that was the best bit as I wasn’t continually asking for money. It was great to just go up and wave my wrist at the waiter at the bar and get whatever I wanted. I would have got fat, if we didn’t have a swimming pool directly outside our room, where I went each morning and afternoon.
The weather was lovely all fortnight and we saw and did so much. I got to swim with dolphins, drive in a jeep and watch my brother swim with sharks. I met some lovely people at the resort and really enjoyed all the evening entertainment. There is so much to do on the island and I always felt really safe and surrounded by friendly people.
The saddest bit was out in the villages, but we took some pens and notepads with us from home and gave these to the children we met, they also loved our sweets. It was quite an experience to see people living in such poverty when we were in the lap of luxury in our hotel.


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