Cupid is here again to lend a hand!

Managed to find all our love hearts yet? If not don’t despair – Cupid is back to get you looking in the right places! Our competition ends on Tuesday so still a few days left to find all my love hearts. The below should get you looking in the right direction.
I am a big fan of the finer things in life, so an Al Fresco Holiday is the perfect choice for me! Did you know that we have brand new mobile homes this year at Al Fresco? Why not have a look for them on the website, you might find more than just luxury.
The new Vivaldi Riviera now sleeps up to eight people – so you can take the whole family with you!
With new luxury mobiles to choose from, the only question is where to stay? I am a big fan of France and have three regions in mind. Can you guess where they are? Head north west, one is where the legendary William the Conqueror is from, the others are close to the coast
That should be enough to get you going in your hearts quest.
Good luck and check back on Monday for my final set of clues.
Love Cupid
p.s – To enter, remember to comment on our original blog the number of hearts you find:

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