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Hi again lovers,


How are you getting on in your pursuit of the love hearts? The excitement is giving me butterflies in my tummy! Here are some more clues to help you along…


Everyone is different, so we all love different things! That’s why we have so many options for you to choose from to make your dream Al Fresco holiday come true. Check out all the varieties on offer below – you’re sure to find your perfect match!


With Al Fresco, the fun begins as soon as you set off on your escape. Does the adventure of a family road trip make you smile? Or does the romance of travelling by train make you daydream? Perhaps you think ‘love is in the air’ and like to fly? Well, whether its train, plane or ferry we can pair you up with your travel soul mate, so you can arrive at your parc feeling fresh and excited.


Once you’ve arrived, there are plenty of activities on offer to get your heart racing. The Al Fresco Kidz clubs will keep the little cherubs entertained all day, with everything from water sports to handicrafts they will have every activity their heart could desire. Teens will also be pining after the youth clubs and the fab activities they offer, including archery, tennis and discos.


But we don’t want you missing out on precious time together, after all, what are holidays for? That’s why we’ve introduced the Al Fresco Summer Games. If you missed out on Team GB, you’ll have another chance to show off your skills in the competitions – perhaps you will gain some admiring glances?


So now you know why your Al Fresco holiday will have you love-struck, which parc will be ‘The One’ for you? The parc that makes my heart skip a beat is in the lovely Languedoc region. Boasting two swimming pools, an Al Fresco kidz club and access to a sandy beach this parc really has it all. Be warned though – you’ll be heartbroken when it’s time to leave!


Hope these hints help on your romantic quest,




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