Family Fun – by Yasmin Cox - Al Fresco Holidays

Here is our next Young Travel Writer entry, by Yasmin Cox. Keep checking back to see if your entries make it online and you could win a family holiday.

I went to Portugal last year in our half term school break with my mum and dad. Although it was October the weather was fantastic and we swam in the sea or the swimming pool every day.
The sea was wavy sometimes so I went to the pool with my mum. It had slides and was really fun but it was so near the beach we could see my dad waving at us. I got a lot better at my froggy legs swimming and we had picnics on the sand for lunch.

I wore my bikinis all the time. I had a photo with my dad and some people from Portugal while he was doing his “chicken dance” in the sea – everybody laughed.
One night I was in talent contest in the hotel and I won a prize for singing my own song – I felt really proud and told my friends and teacher all about it when I came back.

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