My Wicked Holiday – by Jordy Nugent - Al Fresco Holidays

Below is our second selected entry for our Young Travel Writer competition. Keep checking back to see if yours makes it each day for the chance to win a holiday at the end of the month


My mum and dad took me my brother Matt and my sisters Roxy and Charlie to Selsey. We hired a caravan, and it was really huge!

Mum was not happy when all the electric went off though, but me and my brother loved it because we got to read our books with a torch under our covers!

We went to the clubhouse every night, our little sister hated it, she hates loud music, but me and my dad danced to Stayin’ Alive, and my dad really embarrassed me, but it was funny!

My mum kept burning the food as she can’t cook on the caravans tiny oven so we ate chips a lot that week!



I loved the beach, the sand was soggy so the sand castles we made were really strong. We made a tower but then dad got mad because we buried his camera and sunglasses. He found them though in the end!

I liked going out for dinner in the evening because my brother is really nice to me on holiday. We had a massive pizza one night and it was so cheesy, me and my brother hid some of the pizza in mums bag, and she didn’t find it until the next day and it was cold and stuck to her purse.

I love holidays because we don’t have to go to bed, and then when we do we can read for ages, or play cards like 21 bust with dad who is good at it.

The weather was really sunny for our holiday, I can’t wait to go back. One of the best bits of my holiday was travelling there in the car at 4 in the morning because its all cold and dark and you can snuggle in your duvet and play car games.

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