Family Fun At The Seaside - by James Dent aged 9

So our Young Travel Writer competition is proving very popular indeed. Below is our first selected entry from the first day of the competition. Keep checking back to see if yours makes it each day for the chance to win a holiday at the end of the month.

Family Fun At The Seaside – by James Dent aged 9

It took us 3 hours on the train to get to Scarborough, which wasn’t long at all. I stayed with mum and dad in an old windmill, which had been converted to a hotel. In the middle of lots of houses it stood out high above everything else, like a lighthouse with brown sails. We stayed in the middle bit, with a tiny windey stairs and curvy rooms. The view from the window was fantastic and made me want to explore! We had breakfast in the bottom section was also a toy museum, full of old and new toys, every colour and shape. I had my breakfast surrounded Stormtroopers.

Scarborough is great for wandering around. At Scarborough castle and I played swordfights and executions with Dad. He pretended to make me swallow an imaginary sword and dangled me upside down by my ankles. Then we noticed there were snails everywhere. Hundreds of snails, all shapes and sizes, moving very slowly towards us. We hopped and stepped carefully away and left them to guard the castle.

There’s loads to do around the beach. I had a donkey ride on a donkey called Fudge. The beach was huge with golden sand and we went out on a boat trip to look for grey seals. There was even a special tent on the quayside teaching everyone about the sea animals around us and I made a door sign and a fish shaped windsock. My Dad had scampi, cooked right in front of him.

There were amusement arcades everywhere, when you walked past you hear coins dropping and loud music tempts you in! First go on a grabber, the claw locked around my prize and jerked and moved until it dropped out a talking purple owl. A perfect end to an amazing holiday.

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