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A SUCCESSFUL holiday is a gumbo consisting of many varied ingredients but the foundation, certainly for a summer escapade, is universal – the sun.

You could break the bank and head to the Caribbean, of course, but even there you’re not guaranteed clear blue skies to provide a luxurious roof to your beach holiday.

Or you could stay put in Old Blighty and take your chances with the rain.

Those experienced sun seekers looking for a guaranteed break drenched with hot rays and beach recovery all know one thing however – Spain’s Costa Brava has it all, within two hours flying time.

If you’re anything like me you’ll be sitting at home right now, sipping from a hot coffee, staring out of your misty windows and watching England’s winter refuse to budge. Rain, cold, wind and no sign of a let up.

Costa Brava has Barcelona, of course. The Catalan city that has its own city centre beach. Barca has the ‘cool’ of Manchester with the ‘heat’ of the Med. A winning combination.

And just up the road, a mere half an hour’s drive away, is the lovely seaside town of Estartit, featuring the beautifully manicured and tree-lined ‘streets’ of the region’s best holiday parc – Castell Montgri.

Sunshine is a given – if it does rain it does so for a steady hour or so before drizzling away into the horizon – and on pretty much every day of your stay you can plan evening barbeques, t-shirted day trips and beach expeditions in the safety of knowing the rain will not be back.

There are not, despite what you may think, that many destinations that can offer you such a promise. Having experienced Caribbean storms that lasted a full week, Floridian thunderstorms that came in and sat on my holiday for a full four days and Indian Ocean tropical downpours that simply refused to budge, I can tell you, with hand on heart, that if its guaranteed sunshine you require, then you need look no further than the Costa Brava.

The Spanish sun always has his hat on, it seems.

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