Holiday Photo Giveaway - Al Fresco Holidays


Here at Al Fresco HQ, we have been looking back over all the lovely photos submitted for our recent Facebook camera giveaway.

There’s beaches, pool shots, stunning vistas plus much much more. In fact, it’s making us look back at the Summer that’s just gone and the next coming up. The hot sunny days seem a distant memory compared to the grey November day we face today.

We had over eighty people enter and send us their snaps; it goes to show that people do really treasure their holiday memories. We researched what people do with their holiday photos and whether they print them out and actually found that 34% Brits never print out photos and 35% only ever print 25 pictures from family events.

Surprisingly almost half the nation don’t transfer photos from an old computer, all those  memories lost on old hard drives somewhere!

We’ve got a wonderful album now on the Facebook Page with lots of fab summer memories, so have a look and let us know which are your favourites.

When trying to pick winners, we had a very difficult task at hand! Where to start, in the end we went with the following:





As you can see our entrants have had a very fun Summer and it is bringing one very important question to mind…..where do we want to visit next year?

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