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What to do and see in Barcelona - Al Fresco Holidays

I’m thoroughly depressed. We about to leave the campsite! Boo hoo!! Fortunately we’re having two nights in France staying with one of my oldest friends.

Since I last wrote we’ve been to Barcelona… the concrete city! Honestly it has more tower blocks than MANCHESTER! Yes, it’s that bad. No, it’s not the most beautiful city in the world. I’m not selling the city very well, am I!

But then you see the amazing unfinished Sagrada Familia or Sacred Family in English. It is a huge gothic cathedral designed by Gaudi, and is the place where he is buried too. I’ve seen pictures of it before, but it’s nothing compared to the real thing. The first thing that hits you is the size – it’s immense! The highest point is over 100 meters. And then you see the detail; the nativity characters are carved into the stone and at the front the story of Jesus’ death is also carefully carved. If you visit Barcelona make sure you pay a visit to Sagrada Familia, but if you want to go inside the cathedral, make sure you get there early as the queues are rather long.

We went to a market and ate churros to our hearts content. For those who don’t know what churros are, they are basically deep, deep, deep fried doughnut dough smothered in sugar.

Food seems to be a prominent theme in this holiday, so we are now going to the onsite restaurant and that will almost be our last meal on site. I’m sorry, I’m going to have to go now before I begin to cry.

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