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Languedoc – Domaine des Deux Ruisseaux - Al Fresco Holidays

If you’re returning to Sérignan-Plage in the wee small hours in late August and September, don’t be surprised if you see major activity in the vineyards of Domaine des Deux Ruisseaux in Sauvian. The ‘Two Streams Estate’ – it doesn’t sound quite the same in English – began life in the early 1960s, when Gilbert Valéry bought a winery in the commune of Sérignan and began expanding its vineyards. When he died in 1974, his children were left with a large property that – like many in the Languedoc – was making more wine than it could sell. They took the decision to reduce their production but increase its quality, and over the following years introduced grapes from other parts of France such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot to grow alongside local varieties such as Grenache and Syrah.

Initially, the wine was sold in bulk to other wineries, but since 2002, the Valérys have been selling their produce under their own label. And the reason for that early morning activity in the vineyards is that it’s when the grapes are at their coolest, which is ideal for making white and rosé wine. The domaine has a good selection of these, and of reds too. One wine you won’t see being harvest is the Vendanges Oubliées – the Forgotten Harvest. This is a sumptuous sweet wine made from grapes that are allowed to mature shrivel on the vine until December and sometimes even January. Try it with blue cheese or foie gras, or just sip it on your balcony as the sun sets.

Al Fresco are present on 5 campsites in the Languedoc regionLes Sablons, La Serignan Plage, Les Mediterranees, Le Club Beach Farret and Mar Estang.

Domaine des Deux Ruisseaux

Route de Béziers

Sauvian 34410

Tel: +33 4 99 41 02 74


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