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Kiting in the Vendée - Al Fresco Holidays

This was sent to us as a newsletter item for the Al Fresco Reps, but as a holiday-maker who has tried kiting a few times, I thought our customers might also like to read it

Josip and I have been at Sol a Gogo in the Vendée now for nearly three months. When we arrived the weather wasn’t great, as to be expected due to the time of year. As time went on we anticipated the arrival of the long hot sunny days. However, as in the UK, I believe most of France will know the weather has been the worst they have had in 15 years. Josip and I started to become disheartened by the cloudy windy days and the mobile home started to feel very small.

We decided we needed an activity that could occupy us on the frequent windy days down here on the coast of the Vendée. We came up with Kiting!!! We had seen many people down the beach with kites and of course seen people kite surfing, flying across the wild sea. We were lucky that while gaining advice from a friend at home about what type of kite to buy, this friend said that she would post her kite out to us on loan for the summer. Josip and I waited very patiently for the postman to arrive. When the kite arrived we both had big smiles. Most of our guests knew of our plans as we couldn’t stop talking about the 2.4 metre power kite on its way out to change our lives. We then spent a painstaking 5 hours that evening untangling the kite. Half way through both of us questioned if this was a good idea.

When, the next day, the wind was high we took the kite down the beach in the evening and spent until sundown, around 10 o’clock out here, merrily being dragged through the sand trying to control the beast. We both came home utterly exhausted, aching arms and stomachs, covered in sand, but both anticipating when we would be able to take it again. Sol a Gogo has given us a new sport to have fun with for the rest of lives, as we both now have the kiting bug. I know that neither of us will ever forget that first time out on the beach with the kite and therefore Sol a Gogo will forever be a special place for us. Thanks, Al Fresco, for placing us here.

And we have had some very nice weather as well!

Philippa and Jossip.

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