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Internacional de Calonge, new arrivals - Al Fresco Holidays

My daughter, Bella, has also agreed to blog for us.. Here is her first post..

You know that feeling when you see the sea for the first time on your holiday and you are saying in your head, “Oh yes! This holiday has officially started!” Well that’s pretty much how I feel right now! (Well that’s how I felt two days ago because I haven’t had chance to type this up till now…)

We’re staying at Internacional de Calonge, which is in the North of Spain near Barcelona. When you look out of our bedroom window (which unfortunately I have to share with my charming little brother) you have a beautiful view of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. So far we’ve lounged by the pool and eaten Nutella to our heart’s content. We’ve discovered a coffee called Bonka, which of course has lead to the catch phrase, “Don’t be a plonker! Drink Bonka!” – we’ve done a spoof advert about it!

Today we’re planning on visiting the beach to snorkel and swim (and probably get a little bit sun burnt too)…

Over and out… (Don’t ask, my mum told me to put that!)

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