Simon Woods

News from Internacional de Calonge - Al Fresco Holidays

Tragic news. We’ve lost one of the snorkels. Our own fault really, we’re just not that co-ordinated at getting all our bumf to and from the pool every day. So this afternoon will probably see us heading off into nearby Platja d’Aro to try and find another, and then hitting the beach.

Not the beach at the bottom of the path from the campsite though. Geordie Ged, the Al Fresco rep, told us about a sneaky tunnel at one end of the beach through which you can get to several other coves along a coastal path. Haven’t told Isabella that when I was there this morning, there were nude sunbathers…

Speaking of Ged, he’s lent us some ant powder to cope with a minor infestation. Again, entirely our own fault – if you leave old melon peel hanging around, you’re just asking for an infestation of ‘hormigas’. Time soon to go and prepare lunch – some jamon and queso, plus some of the delicious tomatoes in a salad dressed simply with olive oil, salt and pepper. Ah yes, pepper. Our last trip to the supermarket saw us make a cock up in that department. We bought want we thought was one of those all-in-one mini-grinders, only to get it back to the ranch and find it was just a jar of peppercorns. So until our next sortie to Carrefour (sure there must be a Spanish supermarket nearby), we’re having to crush these with the back of a knife, and several of them are ending up on the floor. Still, I don’t think they’ll interest the ants.

Finally, I’m sure we’re not the only family that takes great pleasure in how other languages often use words that have a slightly different meaning in English. A friend of mine came back from Japan once with a packet of sweets called Violence, while on the drive down from France, we passed the wonderfully-named Hotel Ars near Jonquera. So prompted by what we’ve been drinking at breakfast-time (with croissants – yes, they are available in Spain), we bring you an advert for a brand of coffee that probably will never make it to the UK – enjoy…

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