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Last minute holiday planning - Al Fresco Holidays

When it comes to summer holidays, we’re not the most organised of families. It’s a rare year when we’ve got everything planned by the end of June, and this year was no exception. But prompted by what Scooby Doo villains call the ‘pesky kids’, July saw me scouring t’Internet for cheap flights to southern France or northern Spain.

Which is why I’m now sitting in Liverpool airport, waiting for a flight to Carcassonne. So we’re going to France? No, Spain – we’d left it too late for France, and almost too late for Spain, but we managed to grab the last space that Al Fresco had at the Internacional de Calonge in the Costa Brava.

And I’ve been abandoned by my family. My wife Jill’s gone in search of Issey Miyake perfume, while Alex (10) and Isabella (13) are on the hunt for food. Oh, they’re coming back – not sure if fruit salad and popcorn is the ideal snack for infrequent fliers. I will say this for them, their Spanish is better than ours. But Jill & I have done a bit of swatting up with Mark and Kara of Coffee Break Spanish, who hail from Glasgow (no haggis here, we hope you’re fine with a little Español on-line)

So what are we all looking for on our holiday? For me, it’s wandering round for a fortnight wearing not many clothes, swimming in the sea and plenty of delicious Spanish food and wine – anyone have tips for restaurants in the region? Or which markets are worth a visit? For my wife Jill, it’s sun, slobbing and San Miguel – I wouldn’t be surprised if she spent most of the fortnight by the pool, although she does want to go to the Dali museum in Figueres and revisit Barcelona. What about Alex aged 10? ‘Sun, swimming and snorkelling. And a trip to a waterpark.’ We’ve done a bit of research on this and there seem to be two close by, Aquadiver and Water World – feedback on one or both will be gratefully received. And for 13-year-old Isabella? ‘Croissants.’ That’s the wrong country. ‘Well drive back into France to get me some…’

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