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The Home of Tripe and Cider

France, the world-renowned home of fine wine and, err, tripe and cider.


I kid you not.


If you head across to Normandy the chances are you may be going to visit some of the famous towns where the pivotal battles of WWII took place, of course.


Or possibly you’re going to see the home of modern Britons – after all, were it not for William the Conqueror and his Norman army us Brits would probably be still glugging mead and eating stolen venison.


But Normandy isn’t all about its rich history and the odd medieval tapestry or two you know.


While the Northern French region may not have a wine it can truly call its own, what it does have is some of the best food and drink in the whole of France.


The Normandy Oysters and scallops are a real and plentiful treat. I remember watching open-mouthed as my mum ate oysters straight out of the sea from a net at a portside bistro back in the day. You can’t get much fresher than that can you?


And scallops? Yes please. The king of all sea-foods in my house. Quickly seared in garlic and a little butter. Absolute heaven.


Of course, you’d expect that kind of food from one of the richest food-coasts in the world wouldn’t you.


A rather unexpected Normandy speciality – something I can tell you from personal experience is very much an acquired taste – are the uber-pungent andouillettes or, to give them a more familiar title -  tripe sausages.


And Normandy more than makes up for having no true local wine by being the home of some of the world’s best cider (apologies to all of those cider folk over in Norfolk, Devon and Cornwall).


The Norman cider is a fantastic partner to the world famous regional cheese on offer in the area. Enjoy a tipple with your Camembert.


It’s France, after all. If you’re not there for the food then you’re doing it wrong.


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