Citroën 2CV jamboree in Salbris - Al Fresco Holidays

EXCITED STOP PRESS – from our Al Fresco Reps, Steve and Gail.

Pauline, There’s 2cv’s everywhere! They’ve come from all over Europe to Salbris. This is an annual event. Salbris is a neighbouring town of Pierrefitte sur Saldre where our beautiful campsite, “Les Alicourts” is situated.

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Actually, I have found this may be a bi-annual event, but certainly the “19th World Meeting of 2CV Friends” is on in 2011 from 25th – 31st July. I’m sure it’s going to be amazing, with four pre-war prototype 2CVs (in French, known as “deux CheVaux”, ie 2 horse-powers) on show alongside the contemporary “Citroën REVOLTe” concept – a chic city car combining luxury and technology, inspired by the 2CV’s distinctive silhouette. No doubt multitudes of proud 2CV owners will be in the area, displaying their vehicles en masse. In fact already over 3000 French 2CV’s have pre-registered, and more than 1100 from Germany, the UK and The Netherlands.

For more information click here.

And if you are lucky enough to go, please let us know how you went on.

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