The one that DIDN’T get away! – Les Alicourts - Al Fresco Holidays

Gail and Steve, the new Al Fresco representatives at our Les Alicourts resort, situated in the Loire valley sent us this report:

“This is our first season as reps. We weren’t sure exactly what to expect, but we are enjoying the job more than we ever imagined. We’ve met so many lovely interesting Al Fresco guests, many of whom have commented how amazing this campsite is for their youngsters -what, with the mini club, the mini disco, evening shows and other entertainment. Mums have been catching the sun’s rays while some dads have been catching huge mirror carp from the park’s lake! Some are in excess of 40lb. The biggest we know of to date was caught by one of our customers, Mr Steve Edwards from Cambridgeshire, pictured here with his prize catch weighing in at 52lbs.

What a catch! It’s free to fish here with no licences needed. It’s a carp fisherman’s paradise. Incidentally, for those who might think these would be very good on the bbq, carp-fishing is a true sport; the fish are put back in the water to swim for another day. The weather’s not reaching quite the temperatures it was earlier, but everyone’s still in high spirits,[hic]. It’s wonderful to see everyone enjoying themselves”.

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