Family Holiday Beach Trips – Perfected - Al Fresco Holidays

The picnic’s packed, the inflatables are blown up, and the bucket and spade are ready for use – perfect family holidays always include a good trip to the beach don’t they?

What’s the one thing, however, that puts families off? Definitely not the glorious sunshine, or the cool rippling sea…but the sand EVERYWHERE!

Yes people going to the beach are, of course, always aware of the copious amounts of sand – but this doesn’t mean it’s welcome in the most unnecessary places. It creeps up in between your toes, amongst the buttons on your phone, and even worse – in those delicious ham and cheese sandwiches you packed for lunchtime.

So, here’s announcing, the greatest invention of 2011 so far – a beach mat. Yes, this may sound simple, but just you wait.

This mat, originally made for the military, filters out the likes of dirt, dust, water and sand, giving an always-clean surface for a relaxing day on the beach. It can even be folded in to a travel bag so there’s no extra effort involved.

Genius. We just hope the next beach invention will be an unlimited ice cream bar, or maybe even a kids sunhat that defies the odds of being yanked off….

Just have a look at the Mail Online for more info on the soon-to-be-famous mat –

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