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Jean, our Al Fresco rep at La Garangoire has been “getting on her bike” researching information for us!

Many people embarking on a camping holiday in France either drive all the way from the UK(apart from The Channel, of course) or Fly/Drive. At home, generally they spend much of their day-to-day lives driving around – to work, the school run, etc. Consequently, many holiday-makers are here to “relax”. They don’t want a “driving holiday”.

La Garangeoire has an extensive array of bicycles for hire, and Stephan is always on hand to en sure you select the correct bicycle for your frame (pardon the pun!). The ones the really small kiddies love are the little carriages which resemble the old-fashioned motorbike side cars and attach to the back of their parents’ bikes. The children sit inside them smiling and waving like royalty. It’s really quite sweet to see – but I’m not sure the parents are of the same mind pulling the extra weight!

There are a couple of bike rides organised by the campsite: one easy route and a second a little more taxing. However, some may want to go it alone but are afraid to venture far from the campsite due to not knowing how far or how long it will take to the next village. If they’re anything like me, visualising a kilometre can be a task in itself. Some of us ‘old school’ have to sit through a maths lesson to discover what exactly a kilometre constitutes! Then, once calculated, how long does it take to cycle that “kilometre”? – yet another mammoth task to work out. So I literally “got on my bike” and did some research. Now bearing in mind, with my cycling skills I am never going to sport the yellow jersey! (Which reminds me Le Tour de France begins in the Vendée 2nd July)…. The times below are relatively accurate – for a woman “d’un certain âge”.

My yardstick for measuring when I’ve actually hit the town is when I reach the church….. or the hairdresser, which are usually in close to each other! These two seem to be statutory for every town. You can go to most villages or towns and they might not all have a supermarket or a bank but as sure as eggs are eggs a church and a coiffure are generally there. There will of course be an occasional town that breaks the mould….now that’s a challenge for kids en route to La Garangeoire!

So, from La Garangeoire (according to Jean’s timings) to:-

Saint Julien des Landes (3km ) - 12 mins.

La Mothe Achard (8km) – 30 mins.

Martinet (5km) – 25 mins.

La Chapelle Hermier (3km) – 12 mins.

Coex (8km) – 37 mins.

Lac du Jaunay (le pré) (5km) - 30 mins.

I’m off to the hairdresser’s tomorrow, I made my appointment and using my very best French I explained how I would like it cut and coloured! Maybe that’s the reason for the coiffeur and eglise so close together… out of hairdresser then into church and pray they’ve done as you’ve asked…or vice versa!

Au revoir,

Jean. (La Garangeoire Campsite)

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