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I had never really noticed how spacious our emplacements are at La Garangeoire until last week when a couple visiting from another local campsite pointed it out to me.

They were viewing our campsite as a prospective holiday spot for next year.

They were interested in the Vivaldi home that I was setting up and so I invited them in for a look around. They were very impressed with the standard of cleaning (Brownie point to me!!), how nicely everything was set out and the extent of inventory supplied.

Anyway, after their comments regarding the emplacements I did some research and did a really good tour of the site. I am pleased to confirm that they are correct; they are really very spacious; there’s room to sun yourself on the loungers, park the car, and still plenty room for the kids to play. La Garangeoire seems to have thought about everything.

Every week La Garangeoire organises a Crêpes party; a real family affair for sure, starting early evening 6:30pm through until 9.30pm. You can buy a jug full of batter and tasty fillings for €7 and make your own crêpes at specially designed tables. This was an instant hit as you can see from our Al Fresco family, the Wilsons with their young children having a feast of a time. (If the other family would like to send us their written permission, please, we will include Jean’s photo of them, too.)

Friday night is Quiz night (in English) and run by the multi-talented Dave. Dave is now employed as the full time gardener but began his time at La Garangeoire as a seasonal holiday rep. During the holiday season he is also the fishing instructor for the site and organises fishing lessons and mini tournaments where all the family are invited to take part. Medals for winners of the biggest catch are awarded which all adds to the fun.

Despite the change in weather this last week; a few degrees less that the past few weeks, it hasn’t stopped the fun. There has still been enough warmth to play tennis or take a canoe trip on the lake. There are plenty indoor activities too on site and many holidaymakers are taking advantage of the covered/heated swimming pool that La Garangeoire have recently invested in this year.

Although there is a weekly wine-tasting evening that takes place in the Chateau, I have had a couple of families approach me enquiring about the local winegrowers who may offer their own wine-tasting sessions that may not be too heavy on the ‘appreciation’ factor!

At present my knowledge is limited; however, the research could prove very interesting!

Bonnes Vacances

Jean Heap

Al Fresco representative, La Garangeoire 2011

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