Fête de la Musique – from Le Vieux Port - Al Fresco Holidays

Thanks to our reps on Le Vieux Port for telling us about the annual Fête de la Musique, taking place at the summer solstice – 21st June – when summer officially begins. Yippee! Lots of local bands and musicians set up in the streets and at local venues, and play free shows. There will be something happening at Soustons, Dax, Tamos, Mont de Marsan. But it’s not just confined to south-west France. This event “like Topsy” (to use my grandma’s phrase) just grows and grows, and there will be events throughout France, and further. In fact it has now spread as far as Ghana, Bangkok and Brisbane!

Always big with the locals, the atmosphere is electric and you can find anything from rock to reggae to folk to classical and choral music. Admittedly trying to find out exactly what’s on and who’s playing is a bit difficult online (have a look anyway ) but these things are more a case of show up, look around and see what floats your boat.

The French love any excuse for festivals such as these – throughout the summer! Just keep your eyes peeled for what is happening in your area. Our reps will try to keep you informed as well. If you would like to share your experiences with us, click here, it would be great to know what went on in your region.

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