Le Conguel - Al Fresco Holidays

Christina, a regular fixture as an Al Fresco rep on Le Conguel, has described the fun and atmosphere on parc this last weekend – a 4-day break for the French revolving around Ascension Day holiday.

The French have, for once, envied us Brits this year with our combined April bank holidays as normally they get 4 in May and are quite used to stringing them together to get a prolonged break; they call it “faire le pont”, meaning “to bridge over”! The only downside to theirs is when the holidays land on weekends, they don’t get the benefit and 2011 is one such year. So having sat by in May, they have really gone for the June holiday in grand style. Everyone has been taking part in the numerous activities, such as fishing, diving, sailing, watching the firework display, and of course, BBQ’ing.

Le Conguel provides a “bucket and spade holiday of the highest calibre” – so much so that apart from one family, all Christina’s customers to-date have pre-booked the same campsite for next year. One of her guests compared life on the parc to being part of one big family.

When I asked her what was it that the customers liked, she suggested that it was “very French”, very friendly and very safe for young children. Their parents can watch them while relaxing with a bottle of muscadet or other Loire wine on their luxury decking.

If you have experienced this holiday, and know the reason why so many return, perhaps you could tell us? (See “Share your Stories, Experiences and Pictures” in right-hand panel.)

The situation of the campsite, on the Quiberon point, is a prime reason for the relaxed feeling generated. In many respects it is “land’s end” with a fabulous lighthouse and amazing views out across the open sea. The situation also provides an amazing micro climate and some very enviable sunshine stats.

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