What a sight! Lambretta and Vespa Rally - Al Fresco Holidays

Hi Pauline

Just thought I would let you know what a great week-end Pra delle Torri has had.

On 3-5 June, we had the 19th National Meeting of the “Lambretta and Vespa Club”, which meant over a hundred bikes (some with side cars) visiting the site and parading around it. It was a fantastic free spectacle for the visitors and it made the men in particular come out with their cameras to capture the future memory. (And perhaps a past memory for some of our more mature customers)

On Friday the flock of bikes left the site for a 180km run around the coastline and countryside. Then back to Pra. We enclose a photograph of their departure.

They meet like this every year somewhere in Italy, so it was great for us that they visited Pra this year it took Ralph back to his youth.

Jackie & Ralph (Al Fresco Reps – Pra delle Torri)

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