Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s a plane-hotel…!? - Al Fresco Holidays

Here at Al Fresco, we pride ourselves on the luxury offered with our mobile homes – air con, private decking and a BBQ for peaceful family nights. So, when we saw this new ‘hotel’ craze, we wondered how to describe it in comparison… Luxurious? Extreme? Newfound six star? Or just plane over the top?

The Mail Online has reported on, wait for it a plane that is actually a hotel….yes, that’s right. A plane that goes nowhere… Could this really be a new craze of hotels on its way?

The three-tiered, old East German government plane, based at Teuge Airport, may have a sauna, Jacuzzi, flat screen TVs and a hostess service, but so do many NORMAL, purpose built hotels. For us, the plus side is that it’s in beautiful Holland, not the most common or popular of holiday destinations, but one that should definitely be worth consideration.

Playing host to parc Duinrell, Holland is within easy reach and is hugely underestimated, but, is a plane-hotel the way to hook more visitors?

We think that, boasting one of the most exciting water slides in Europe, once voted one of the top 20 in the world, an on-site mini theme parc, a tropical Tiki waterpark, and sporting activities galore – Duinrell is more than enough!

We must admit, it would definitely be exciting for a night or two, giving people an usual experience of being on a plane but going nowhere, and taking full advantage of your very own hostess service, but this new accommodation can only fit two people in at time, and, call us lazy, but a three story home from home means it’s pretty hard work to get from one room to the next…

Not as relaxing as going Al Fresco hey?!

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