Weekly Animations Timetable (21st May) - Al Fresco Holidays

Jane and Harry have sent this week’s Animations Timetable. Not bad for low season! Jane had told me that Daisy’s animations team were working very hard to organise the weekly events, but it was only when she sent this that I realised just HOW hard.

First the extract below shows this week’s timetable for “the Over 5′s” (including some family events)

The Teens/Adults (ie over 12′s, unless it is a family event) have a similar timetable, including :

Scrabble, Draughts, Water-polo, Basket-ball, Mini-football, Volley-ball and cards tournaments

Aquagym, Apéro games, Pictionary, Big Photo game.

Over-8′s can also do a scubadiving initiation (3€)

There is also “general” entertainment – Sunday is Jazz Evening. Wednesday is Quiz Night. Friday sees a Children’s Party 19.30-21.00, and the week finishes with a Saturday Disco at 21.30. Phew! I hope Daisy and her team can rejuvenate on their Tuesday off! Maybe someone would like to write in with their experience?

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