Bogus Jellyfish! - Al Fresco Holidays

I was in the sea with my wife, on our first holiday together and having taken a very relaxing and romantic walk along the beach we decided to go for a dip.

We swam out together and it was all very beautiful, with the sun setting etc…. When my wife started screaming hysterically and trying to head for the shore!!  I thought something terrible had happened and feared for our safety.

She had completely ‘lost it’ and was crying, shouting, screaming…….wait for it…..that a jellyfish was attacking her…….on reaching the shoreline we found that ‘the jellyfish’ was actually a long piece of seaweed that had wrapped itself around her leg……It was so funny seeing her run with the plant all wrapped around her legs. :)

Once she had recovered we both couldn’t stop laughing!

Written by Tim Bryant

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