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I’ve always loved beaches ever since I was a kid. We’d go to Bournemouth, Margate, Brighton and I’d always be the one who didn’t want to leave. I’d get excited about visiting them when I was abroad. But my ultimate dream was to go the Maldives and experience the powder white sand and amazing snorkeling, but there was no way I could afford it. I’d always wanted to teach, so I left my job and studied for a TEFL certificate.

One day I looked at the site and was amazed to see a paid teaching position in the Maldives. I swear my heart shot through the roof! I applied for the position, but the role got pulled. I knew hundreds of people must have done the same, but the difference was I kept in touch with the resort until they were ready to recruit again. And when they were, I was waiting. I had a telephone interview and they made me an offer on the spot.  I was over the moon!

The day I landed on the island in a seaplane I literally pinched myself. I met the management and was taken to my room. The moment I was finally alone, I went down to the beach and just took in the azure water, the shallow reef sharks swimming upto the edge, the blueness of the sky, the palm trees, the shrieks of the bats, the birds… I was overwhelmed with happiness. I might even have done a star jump! I’d finally made it. I never took a day out there for granted. I knew how lucky I was.

The beach at Soneva Fushi is the prettiest I’ve ever seen. I will always remember them with a smile.

Written by Yasmin Butt

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