Crisp rose and spicy reds from Provence - Al Fresco Holidays

Our resident wine expert Simon Woods has chosen four delicious wines from Provence to recommend in his second wine video blog.

Provence is most famous for its rosé so no wine list would be complete without a couple of varieties. In fact up to 70% of the wine from Provence is pink, meaning it is the perfect choice to enjoy chilled from the fridge in the late afternoon sun on your decking.  Light and crisp, these two delicious rosé wines are the perfect aperitif and will ease you gently into the evening to watch the sunset.

Once the sun has gone down, your BBQ is stoked and you are enjoying a delicious meal in the open air, a fuller bodied Côtes de Provence red will round off the evening nicely.

Simon has chosen two reds that he thinks are the perfect accompaniment to the outdoor lifestyle and capture the Provence spirit.

All wines are also available in the UK for you to recapture that holiday moment when you return. Tastes and smells are so evocative that you will be whisked back to that sun kissed summer holiday in a second.

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